Transforms ordinary tap water into pure clean & healthy water by removing Toxic chemicals.Slim Convertible Design Rotating tap enables to maximize space utilization.

AquacellRO4 is a 4-Stage Purifier

1. Pre-Complex Filter Carbon 5.0(Life Cycle 6 Months. Replacement cost $ 10.00) CB50
Filter out rust & particulate contaminants - Remove residual chlorine & organic chemicals - Protect RO membrane by removing particulate contaminants that pass through the pre-filter.

2. RO Membrane Filter(Life Cycle 24 Months.Replacement cost $20.00) RO35
Soluble foreign substances with a molecular weight of over 200 such as heavy metals, bacteria, organic chemicals, etc. are treated by the separation method through the super precision semipermeable membrane and exert water purification effect.

3. Post DS Carbon Block Filter(Filter Life 6 Months. Replacement cost $ 10.00) DS22
Remove dissolved gas and odor, Provide fresh water teste

4. UV Sterilizer (Life Cycle 16 Months. Replacement cost $20.00)
Eliminate E. coli and various kinds of bacteria, Toxic chemicals that will be removed are Arsenic, Barium, Cadmium, Chromium, Copper, Fluoride, Lead, Radium 226/228, Selenium, Turbidity, TDS.

  • Purify up to 40 gallons a day.
  • Easy Filter Replacement Quick Pull and Turn Type.
  • Ideal for Apartments, Condos, Town Homes & Single-Family Homes.
  • State of the art technology, Easy to install, Operate and Maintained.
  • No plumbing required. · Low-cost affordable replacement units.
  • A TDS meter is included with every unit so you can see to yourself how much toxic chemicals are removed.
  • Filter life cycle (If you filter 40 gallons per day)

Filter life cycle will be distinction depending on service environment such as location. Water conditions (Quality, temperature, Hardness) amount of water used and seasons (Summer, Winter)